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Equestrian Perspective

Jul 8, 2021

In this episode, I chat with my beautiful friend and former Confident Equestrian Program (CEP) student. Bec Plunkett.

Bec was the very first person to join CEP in April 2020 and initially came to me because she had 3 young horses that she wanted to work with but was worried about making mistakes.

So often people are told to just send their horse to a trainer (particularly with young horses) but I think if you are committed enough and willing to put in the time to learn and implement your skills then you can definitely work with young horses. is definitely a journey!

Listen in to hear about:

  • How Bec was introduced to horses and the main horses in her life
  • How she was feeling before she joined CEP and the doubts she had
  • The core lessons she learnt inside CEP and how she was able to view the horses differently
  • The shifts that she noticed in each of her horses including one very unexpected change in her older mare
  • What she has been able to achieve with the horses
  • Her future plans and how her goals have shifted

and so much more.

To follow Bec on her journey you can find her on Instagram here:

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